Gary Busey Has 300 VHS Tapes

Gary Busey filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and documents obtained by TMZ show that all he has from his long Hollywood career is a bunch of junk. Gary says he owes $508,600.96 in debts with $451,000 of that being from state and federal taxes he didn’t pay. Gary couldn’t pay that off because he only has $1,200 in a few banks sand a $7,000 security deposit with his landlord and whatever he owns which includes… wait for it:

  • 2 TVS
  • DVD Player
  • Old large tape recorder
  • Small tape recorder
  • Boom box
  • Bookends
  • 50 hardback books
  • 100 cds
  • 300 VSH tapes
  • 100 DVDs
  • 200 cassette tapes
  • Painting of an Indian
  • Old bull’s head
  • 5 pairs of old moccasins
  • 2 small decorative teepees
  • 4 clay vases
  • Indian style bowls
  • Small figuring of bald eagle
  • Old bows and arrows
  • Fabric strap with an attached eagle talon
  • Beaded necklace with an attached arrowhead
  • Bolero necklace with black and white ying/yang pendant
  • Broken pellet gun
  • Rollerblades
  • 2 old surf boards
  • Boogie board
  • Old mounting bike
  • Old Nikon film camera
  • Electric guitar
  • Collings SJ acoustic guitar
  • 12 string Guild acoustic guitar
  • Fender Stratocaster
  • Amp
  • J200 acoustic Gibson guitar
  • 2 tambourines

The bolded ones are the items I found most interesting. 300 VHS tapes but no mention of a tape player? Busey probably runs the film through his teeth to project the images directly into his brain. Painting of an Indian? Like a famous one or just one he found on a reservation? 5 pairs of old moccasins? He must have really wanted to be an Indian what with that and his bow and arrows and teepees. Rollerblades? Can anyone imagine Gary Busey rollerblading? I can and it is hilarious. Imagining him with his horse teeth and short shorts and the briefcase he always carries around gliding down Santa Monica just makes my day.

You’ll also be pleased to hear Gary’s rep adding to the hilarity. Gary “is following the example of many successful buisiness people such as Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, Donald Trump, Francis Ford Coppola, Larry King, and many more Americans who have also utilized the tool of Bankruptcy to gain a fresh start.” That’s a very eclectic list of people. I’m just impressed he didn’t mention any fictional characters. I guess he didn’t want to make Busey seem crazy or something.

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tight ass
tight ass
12 years ago

And he’s giving out free prostate exams…NO THANK YOU, MONKEY HAND SIR ! ! !

Benjamin Eugene NElson
Benjamin Eugene NElson
12 years ago

And a metric ton of batsh*t insane.

12 years ago

I think Most of them were midget bukkake and fisting
cue the shock

12 years ago

I think it’s embarassing the way they figure out what people have in their house and they just display it as a piece of relavant information…I actually thought he made a joke about owning that many VHS tapes in an interview but instead he’s bankrupt and we know the contents of his house…that’s just sad…