Gerard Butler Checked Into Rehab

Gerard Butler has plowed through most of Hollywood, so you’d think he checked into rehab for sex addiction, but no, Butler actually checked in to the Betty Ford Center for substance abuse.

TMZ says Butler’s problems started due to the physical demands of shooting 300 in 2006 which caused him to struggle with pain management. The problem worsened while filming Of Men and Mavericks when Butler was injured in December during a surfing accident.

Butler saw he was relying too much on Rx meds, and he also developed a bit of a coke problem, so he went into rehab three weeks ago. Sources say he’ll be leaving Betty Ford later this Friday.

Ah, it all makes sense now. No wonder whenever Gerard was near any powdery white substance, he screamed, “GIVE IT! GIVE IT TO ME!,” and started loudly snorting the air. The baking isle at Vons had never been so terrifying.

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12 years ago

At least half of LA has seen, tasted, or worn his seed as mousse

Bill Hanesworth
12 years ago

Huh, I had heard that he was addicted to prescription meds, but I didn’t realize he was struggling with coke, too.  In any case, I genuinely hope he gets better.  People are quick to poke fun at celebrity addicts, but addiction can afflict the rich and famous just as easily as anyone else.

Addiction and Relapse
12 years ago

I sure hope he doesn’t relapse – that’s the biggest concern for people recovering from addiction. He might not be getting any more scripts for painkillers, but cocaine was part of his problem. He’ll need to stay away from the party lifestyle if he wants to remain clean.