Here’s Megan Fox’s ‘I Was an Ugly Kid’ Story

Just like Christina Hendricks before her, Megan Fox has her own, “I was the ugly, unpopular outcast” story. It would be quite uplifting to hear how this ugly duckling transformed into the hot piece she is now, giving hope to all the fugly kids out there… if it wasn’t complete bullsh*t. She tells Miami Magazine by way of Us.

“I was never the pretty girl,” the actress tells the March issue of MIAMI Magazine. Describing her teenage self as “abrasive” and “obnoxious,” Fox, 25, says she felt like a “loner” growing up. Plus, her interests have never been mainstream.

“I would love to go on a dig!” Fox says, explaining her fascination with ancient civilizations — and potential government cover-ups. “Come on! You don’t think everything that’s learned is released to the public, do you?”

Oh, whatever. Shut up. If there were ever a reason for ugly people to curse god, it would be seeing how Megan Fox was hot in high school and is even hotter now. Looking at her is like realizing those promises of the pretty, popular people in school turning fat, ugly and ending up stuck in a loveless relationship in ten years was all a lie.

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12 years ago

and Trump doesnt go into the Miss USA laundry hamper