Husband of Finland’s President Checks Out Princess’ Boobs

At a dinner hosted by the Queen of Denmark in Copenhagen, Pentti Arajarvi, husband to Finnish president Tarja Halonen, was caught on camera doing the patented Finnish stare at Princess Mary of Denmark’s breasts. Pentti did the old looking up at the ceiling admiring the architecture trick when Princess Mary turned towards him.¬†Princess Mary knew what was up though because she had a sudden urge to cover her cleavage with her arm. Her perv radar must have been blaring.

If I were Pentti, I wouldn’t have looked away so obviously. That just makes things more awkward. What I like to do is keep staring and then slowly move my head up and make eye contact with a grin. Way less awkward, right?

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10 years ago

She’s got nothin to look at! What exactly was he trying to see?

The Blemish
10 years ago

Something… anything

IMF guy
IMF guy
10 years ago

F**K YEAH!!!¬† At least he’s not one of those european f**s and/or pedophiles…I’ll bet he doesn’t even know Roman Polanski!

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