Jessica Simpson Too Hungry to Stand in Line

According to Star Magazine (hey, stop laughing), Jessica Simpson and fiance Eric Johnson wanted to hit up a local Mexican hotspot in Santa Barbara called La Super-Rica Taqueria. The problem was because of all the hype, the line for the place is always around the block. But Jessica was too hungry and needed food in her mouth right then so she tried to go straight to the front hoping everyone would feel sorry for her fat, pregnant self and let her cut. Guess how that went?

“Unfortunately for Jess, the line went crazy and other hungry people started yelling at her,” explains the source. “It was so embarrassing. Eventually, Jess was escorted to the back of the line.”

But she didn’t want to wait. Instead, Jessica decided to fill her rumbling belly with some fast food.

“After all that, she just went to grab some Taco Bell around the corner.” Radar Online

Oh celebrities and their sense of entitlement always make for a good story. It’s even better when they’re forced to waddle on over the the Taco Bell next door to shovel second-rate tacos down their throats while pitifully staring at the delicious Mexican place across the street.

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