Kate Upton’s Carl’s Jr. Commercial Is Bouncy

If you missed Kate Upton’s Carl’s Jr. commercial during the Oscars, don’t worry about it. You knew it was going to end up online anyway in all it’s bouncing glory.

So here she is. Ms. SI Cover Girl in a car next to a guy and his girlfriend at the drive-in trying to hump her hamburger. If I was him, I wouldn’t know whether to be turned on or freaked out.

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A very greatful man
A very greatful man
11 years ago

Our world is incredibly better having a beautiful, healthy, large breasted, 19 year old representing the all American girl, eating a hamburger, reenforcing our love of voluptuous women that epitomize what is great about the United States of America!!!  Let freedom ring!!!  I personally want to thank God Almighty!!!  Amen.