Katharine McPhee Is in GQ

Katharine McPhee is in the March issue of GQ which comes out later this month. She’s promoting her new series Smash, another show about people randomly breaking into song, which isn’t the biggest man aphrodisiac (manphrodisiac?) so GQ asked her to come up with three things that would persuade men to watch it.

Reason #1: Your lady does it for you. Now do it for her. “Listen,” McPhee says, “I go see all the guy movies, so now I know I love them. But you have to be open to it. I would say to the girlfriends out there: Just nail him down, make him watch an episode with you.”

Reason #2: It’s not like they’re singing constantly. “I can understand why guys wouldn’t be into Glee. You know, that’s a pretty heavy musical show. That show does, like, six songs in an episode. We’ll do, at most, three.”

Reason #3: “Okay, how about this: What if I tell your readers that in episode five I take off all my clothes?” Sold! But hold on—would it be true? “I mean…no.” McPhee laughs mischievously. “But can’t we just say that?”

If those were McPhee’s most convincing arguments, then that’s just sad. Here are three counterpoints.

Counter #1: Guy movies are inherently better than chick flicks. For example, watching Brad Pitt punching dudes in Fight Club is universally loved whereas watching a Katherine Heigl romcom where she squeals at a man only appeals to women with an interest in cats and crocheting.

Counter #2: Whittling it down to three songs per episode is too much. If the show exceeds the singing quotient of 0, then it’s not happening.

Counter #3: No one likes a tease.

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Forward To Love Past
12 years ago

Her main argument should have been “I’m hot”.