Keira Knightley Made Sex Faces for David Cronenberg

Keira Knightley practiced her sex faces in a mirror for two days straight to nail a scene in A Dangerous Method where she’s violently spanked. As if there were any other kind of spanking.¬†She eventually showed them to director David Cronenberg over Skype to see which one he liked.

“It was a huge part of what Sabina was doing a lot of the time. So I asked psychoanalysts about it and they said, ‘Sex and anything like that is trying to release energy, trying to release pent-up emotion’.
“So I worked with that and sat in my bathroom and pulled faces at myself for about two days, trying to figure out what it was going to be.
“Then I got on Skype with David and went, ‘I’ve come up with this’, or, ‘I’ve come up with this’, and he went, ‘That one!'” Contact Music

Afterward, David said, “Mmm, yea. Now come over and sit on my face. Oh, what? Haha, jk!” That Cronenberg is a real perv.

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