Khloe Kardashian Has No Idea Who Her Father Is Either

In an interview with Hot 97, Khloe Kardashian finally admits she, like everybody else, doesn’t know who her biological father is. It could be OJ or it could be Alex Roldan. Don’t forget the Yeti too.

“Do you know who my daddy is? I don’t either, honey!” she told DJ Swag on New York’s Hot 97 on Feb. 15, while on air to promote the second season of Khloe & Lamar, premiering Feb 19. “Well I know, my dad is my dad…but geez everyone is confusing me at this point!”

Her dad is her dad? Like, what does that mean?

“I’m Armenian, well now — supposedly, if that is my dad…my dad’s mom has very pale skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, but my sisters are all cookie-cutter kids, and even my brother is dark and I came out very light, blonde curly, curly, curly hair, like an afro and green eyes.”

Although her family has teased her entire life about not being a real Kardashian, Khloe admits she’s never gotten a DNA test to confirm if the late Robert Kardashian is her pops.

“I actually DNA tested my mom, but now people are saying ‘No, we’re not questioning you’re mom, we’re questioning your father,’” she said. “She’s my mom, but yeah, I have no idea who my dad is, I guess?”

“So questioning me being a Kardashian…do whatever you want, but do not bring my father into it because he’s not here, that’s what I got most offended about,” she said. Hollywood Life

Khloe is gigantic ogre compared to her sisters. Of course she questions whether Robert Kardashian is really her dad. When you more resemble a middle linebacker than a tiny waif with a big ass and big tits, you’re going to start to wonder if you have a different dad or if Kris Jenner irradiated your DNA in an attempt to build a super Kardashian.

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