Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Want Cameras at Her Next Wedding

Because her last wedding was such a disaster and ended in divorce 72 days later which made everyone think she just did it for money and ratings, Kim Kardashian tells Allure that her next one will be more private.

“People [think] because you film your life on a reality show, you live everything for the cameras. But we all have limits,” says Kardashian. “My mom has no limits. We need someone, right, to have no limits? That’s my mom.” As for Kardashian’s limits, they are evolving. There was a time when she thought she wanted an ongoing record of her marriage for posterity. “When I saw Khloé and Lamar get married—and they had their wedding on TV—I thought, Oh, my gosh, that’s so exciting! That’s what I want! If you were to ask me now, that’s not what I want.”

…“I would just want it to be so special, with our family and close friends, and that’s it. Somewhere on a deserted island, very private,” she says, lowering her gaze. “No cameras.”

Haha. Bwahahaha. This girl got famous for letting the world watch Ray J poke her. Then she parlayed that into two tv shows and a clothing and makeup line. The only way she could keep anything private is if her publicist told her there was no sponsorship money involved.

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11 years ago

She’s just seeking more press and hoping to get more money for next wedding.

11 years ago

But she will DEFINITELY have a camera (or two) on her honeymoon!!!  Call Vivid Entertainment.