Lindsay Lohan Tried to Scam Some Jewelry at amfAR Event

Lindsay Lohan is broke and I’m beginning to think she starts these rumors of her “almost” being cast in films herself. Suffice to say, dignity left her a long time ago.

At the amfAR gala on Wednesday, Lindsay Lohan had her eyes on a “wealthy Canadian financier” at a nearby table. Smelling money like a truffle pig smells, er, truffles, Lindsay shuffled over to the Canadian’s table to work him over for a $20,000 piece of jewelry.

When bidding began, Lohan sent over an assistant who told him, “Lindsay would very much like it if you’d bid on this item as a gift.” The source said simply, “He just cracked up.” The Hublot diamond watch with a white alligator strap he bid on was won by someone else.

The assistant must not have said it right. You’re supposed to whisper it seductively into his ear and promise a handie in the bathroom afterward AND he won’t have to wait in line.

In other Lindsay is sad and pathetic news, she was overheard telling guests that she was there “because of her role playing Elizabeth Taylor, a major amfAR donor, in an upcoming Lifetime movie.” To which guests probably replied, “Sure you are sweetie,” and patted on her head before sending her on her merry way.

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