Madonna Considering Retirement

Madonna is considering retiring (yes, yes, keep going) from acting (well, at least that’s something) and instead will focus more on directing (aw, son of a).

Madonna says, “I like directing better. If I write it and direct it, then it’s my voice. If I’m the actor, I’m just a pawn.”

Not to mention you’re a terrible f**king actor. Sure, there’s Evita, but that was mostly a musical and sort of a novelty. People eat that stuff up. She followed that up with Body of Evidence, Shanghai Surprise, Swept Away and Die Another Day and won a Golden Rasberry for Worst Actress of the Century in 2000. No one has wanted to see her act in 12 years. This is like saying I’m retiring from playing basketball.

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10 years ago

Shes really no worse than those Gossip Girl hoes

lisa barlow
lisa barlow
10 years ago

madonna should keep going for as long as she wants to.also for as long as she can like alot of normal people.people not in that kind of world wont retire until really have why should it be any different for the rich and famous.yes they can afford to retire and can live life work free but some people are not like that.i think with madonna shes always beena worker and she always will i think.she will keep going until her body will let her keep going.she has all my votes.i agree with her all the way to old age… Read more »

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