Madonna’s New Album Art Is Deceiving

Madonna released a new single called Girl Gone Wild the other day which was accompanied by an image. An image of her that looks nothing like her. This thing is so Photoshopped that it should just be called “Madonna: Re-imagined 30 Years Younger.” A Picasso is more realistic than this.

In related news, Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis is threatening to sue Madonna over the use of her Girl Gone Wild title. Francis said he sent Madonna a C&D which he claims made her change the title from Girls Gone Wild to Girl Gone Wild. Madonna’s manager laughed saying they’ve been tweaking the album for weeks and used the singular version because that’s how Madonna sings it in the song.

Oseary then cites a Billboard story saying there are 50 records called Girls Gone Wild including songs by Ludacris, Jagged Edge, T Mills, Lee Kernaghan and Lil Rick. Finally, Oseary says Madonna doesn’t even know who Joe Francis is and has no idea about the threats he’s making.

Ha, eat a dick, Joe Francis. The only person more annoying than Madonna is that guy.

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12 years ago

Her body is bonkers and 0 out of any number in this country at 53 look that bangable
maybe Sharon Stone or that vampire Morgan Fairchild
I love this woman.

12 years ago

Correction dear, the most annoying piece of s**t in this world is you. Go learn some journalism, you seem like a jealous f*g.