Nic Cage Denies Being a Vampire

After discovering a Civil War era photo of a man who looked a lot like Nic Cage, a meme started that Cage was a vampire. Thankfully Cage was on The Late Show last night to debunk those rumors. With cold hard vampire facts.

“There is a resemblance,” said Cage of the man in the photo.
Letterman explained, “The guy’s theory is that you look exactly the same now and therefore that makes you a vampire.”
“Right,” replied Cage. “Except that there’s a photograph of me and you can’t take pictures of a vampire … Now look, I don’t drink blood and last time I looked in the mirror, I had a reflection, so I’m not going with this vampire theory. I’m just not going to do it.” Page Six

Of course a vampire would say that. You’d think a vampire would really tell the world he’s a vampire? I’m on to you Nic Cage, you filthy undead scum.

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