Russell Brand Is Not a Gold Digger

Russell Brand did not sign a prenup when he married Katy Perry but that doesn’t mean he’s going after half of the $44 million she made between May 2010 and May 2011 even though he’s entitled to it.

As one source put it, “This divorce is as amicable as it gets, and Russell was a mensch (Yiddish for a good person).” He doesn’t want Katy’s money. He’s happy to walk away with the money he earned — which is far less than what Katy raked in. TMZ

“Oh, what a gentleman,” ladies will think. That is before Russell takes them home and forces them to service him while he sits in a wheelchair pretending to be paralyzed.

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12 years ago

Far less my azz that barely funny junkie in skinny jeans needs to be deported…