Ryan Reynolds Punched Denzel Washington in the Eye

Denzel Washington was getting uppity while filming Safe House in South Africa so Ryan Reynolds punched him in the face and gave him a black eye. Just kidding. Denzel said the black eye Ryan gave him was clearly accidental.

“I’ve never had a black eye in my life!” Washington, 57, told reporters Saturday while promoting the film, which hits theaters Feb. 10. “There’s a scene where I reach over to try to choke him while I have handcuffs on. We were flying around in the car. It just happened that as I was reaching forward he was flying back … and POW.”

Reynolds joked that this punch was a highlight of his career. “That was my early retirement,” he said. “I’ve given Denzel Washington a black eye and I should probably go home.” But Reynolds admitted that he was a little embarrassed after the incident, saying, “It was weird to feel my face on fire.”

Regardless, said Reynolds, “I’m glad I was your first. If it had to be anyone, it was an apologetic Canadian.” PEOPLE

Oh, I’ve heard it all before. Ran into a door. He’s only like this when he drinks. He really loves me, I swear. I was trying to choke him in handcuffs and he accidentally punched me. Someone take Denzel to a woman’s shelter.

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