Sacha Baron Cohen Spills Ashes on Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars

Somehow Sacha Baron Cohen made his way onto the Oscar red carpet on Sunday, despite being dis-invited unless he promised not to promote his movie, and did what everyone assumed he would do which was shamelessly promote The Dictator by coming in character.

His interview with Ryan Seacrest started out innocently enough. Until he started joking about sprinkling Kim Jong Il’s ashes on the red carpet and over Halle Berry’s chest. When Seacrest bent down, Cohen tipped the urn he was carrying and spilled ash all over Ryan’s tux. Security came and took Cohen away but not before he spilled even more ashes on the carpet.

Ryan got flustered so he kept trying to cut to commercial but no one at E! would let him because they were having too much fun laughing at him. With good reason too. It’s always fun to ridicule the dork. I was half-expecting one of the E! staff to push him into the mud while he was wiping ash off his jacket and taunt, “Baby gonna cry? Baby gonna cry?”

You figure Ryan Seacrest would have just rolled with this though considering he’s usually the butt of most jokes. The words “Ryan Seacrest” could really be a punchline to most anything.

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10 years ago

it’s nasty and not cool for E!. it’s not ok for the channel, not respecting employees, makes it sound like a shity channel, actually it’s not a good marketing play, it’s damaging for the image and brand. looks like they can’t go to commercial if something like this happens and just don’t know wtf they’re doing. ratings aren’t everything it’s actually more damaging.

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