Seth Rogen Hosted the Independent Spirit Awards, Bashes Chris Brown

The Oscars wasn’t the only award show this weekend. There was the Independent Spirt Awards too. While the Oscars was hosted by a botoxed Billy Crystal, the Spirit Awards was hosted by the much funnier Seth Rogen. Mainly because he managed to make fun of Chris Brown, The Grammys and Brett Ratner in a single joke.

About the Grammys, Rogen said, “At the Grammys, you can literally beat the sh*t out of a nominee and be asked to perform twice,” and, “The best thing to come of awards season is we learned what a horrible bigot Brett Ratner is.” He also joked that Drive made Jews look so scary that he thought Mel Gibson directed it.

I don’t know who won what or what happened later in the evening because I just assumed they’d try and guess who would win an Oscar for what and went with that. They were 70% right I think.

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11 years ago

Seth is king
Chris Brown is Bobby 2.0
Those fuggin browns!!!!