Stephen Dorff Is a Menace

Stephen Dorff and British reality star Leilani Dowding got together around the time of the Golden Globes but their relationship ended when Stephen started flirting with one of her friends at a club. Turns out Stephen doesn’t just look like a douchebag in all his photos, he is one.

When Leilani asked him about it, “Stephen went ballistic and that was the first time she got a glimpse of his temper. She became fearful of him at that point and removed herself from the situation. The two ended their relationship shortly after that night, but that was only the beginning of the nightmare for Leilani.”

As luck would have it, Stephen has been taking relationship lessons from Mel Gibson because soon after, Stephen began a “campaign of terror” against her, calling her a whore at clubs and sending threatening text messages, one of which read, “you need to go back to England in a box.” Leilani is now thinking about going to the cops when she gets back to LA.

Whoa, slow down. Maybe Dowding misinterpreted that text. Maybe “box” is what Stephen calls an airplane and he wasn’t actually implying that he wishes her dead and that her body be flown back to her family in England so they know what happens to “stupid whores.”

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12 years ago

If chicks would bang that fake Michael Jackson on steroids Skunk Fcuk Chris Brown,
Then Steve should have full access to all vaginas.

12 years ago

This is all hearsay and according to whom?