Those Gay Rumors are Hurting The Situation’s Street Cred

A couple days ago, Snooki and JWoww told the Huffington Post that they wouldn’t be too shocked if The Situation came out of the closet. JWoww said that all the signs were there from changing with guys in the same room to the way he holds his cigarette. Those comments got Mike Sorrentino’s panties in a bunch. He’s reportedly “furious” with his two castmates and “ripped them a new one.” Because that’s just what Mike wants. More holes to bang that aren’t a vagina.

“He’s extremely upset,” added the source, saying Sorrentino is concerned those comments could hurt his brand marketing efforts, which are very much focused on straight male customers.

The “Jersey Shore” staffer acknowledged the rumors about “The Situation’s” sexual orientation have been around since the show’s first season, “but Mike thought he finally had put a kibosh on that.” Sun-Times

Hurt his brand? Does he really think men who get spray tans and hit the tanning bed every week are going to boycott this guy because “he’s so gay.” That would be ironic.

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