Whitney Houston Died From Drugs

I have surprising news for you. Whitney Houston died from drugs. I know, right? I too put my hand over my mouth and gasped in shock. “Whaaa?,” I said to myself as I reread the story making sure I wasn’t seeing things.

An early report implied Whitney had drowned in her bathtub after slipping into unconsciousness. We now know there was not enough water in her lungs to conclude that she drowned. Instead, Whitney may have died from a combination of Xanax and other prescription drugs combined with alcohol. Radar is saying the other drugs may have been Lorazepam, Valium and a sleeping medication.

Sources say Whitney’s aunt, Mary Jones, found her body when she left for a half hour and Whitney didn’t come out of the bathroom. Mary went to check on Whitney, pulled her from the tub and began CPR.

Meanwhile, the annual Clive Davis Grammy party four floors below soldiered on. Ray J, who dated Houston, was seen distraught when he was denied access to the room to see her body but bounced back quickly and was photographed smiling alongside Jane Fonda and Britney Spears at the party. He’s so brave.

  • DeathisWack

    That sucks

  • Jadrian Brown

    Wow that’s crazy rip Whitney I will never forget u

  • if whitney’s family says whitney died from drugs that would mean that her brother gary got the drugs for her? for her family to hurry up and blame the victim is sad. why not wait for the official coroner’s report?

    • Deanna

      and the dirty haitian satan worshippers MADE THE CRACK.  THE ONLY THING THEY EVER INVENTED in life –  FOR EVIL, and when the blk amer community welcomed them with open arms and gave them charity, they repaid them by spreading their poison to every blk amer adult and child they could.

  • Deanna

    The greatest singer EVER reduced to a wedding singer by a no talent fool?????  SICK!  Our best and brightest are under a special attack – RKelly, chris brown, ciara, beyonce.  May God be with you.  Stay in the bosom of your families, and with the people YOU KNOW that are trustworthy.

    What’s to stop the evil ones from slipping a few extra xanax in your food, your drink, and then u take your regular dose????

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