Woody Harrelson Bombed His Reddit AMA

Reddit is a social media juggernaut so of course studios are going to start using it as their new promotional tool. On Friday, Woody Harrelson hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) to promote his film Rampart which backfired horribly. Redditors didn’t take kindly to an AMA where the only questions being answered were film related. Instead, they wanted to know about Woody Harrelson being an asshole and taking the virginity of a high school girl and never calling her afterward.

I swear this is a true story. I went to a high school in LA and you crashed our prom after party (Universal Hilton). You ended up taking the virginity of a girl named Roseanna. You didn’t call her afterwards. She cried a lot. Do you remember any of this and can confirm or have you been so knee deep in hollywood pooty for so long that this qualifies as a mere blip?

Woody denied it, “First of off, its not true, and second off, I don’t want to answer questions about that. Lets focus on the film people” and ended up just plugging Rampart in the few questions he did answer.

Eventually the entire thread devolved or evolved into a collective bashing of Woody. He didn’t help matters when he replied to, “Should change this AMA to AMAAR (Ask Me Anything About Rampart),” with “We gotta be… i consider my time valuable.” Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian called the AMA an epic fail.

Dulljack’s comment featured in the Observer sums up this promotion nicely:

Agent- “Hey, there is this website called Readdit where we can pitch Woody’s new movie! Every person on it is in our target demographic!!!”
Publicist – “Sweet, let’s go piss them off!”

Hollywood is probably stroking its chins wondering why people didn’t want to hear Woody Harrelson say Rampart every other word. “I thought these internet losers loved being this close to a celebrity.”

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