Adriana Lima Is Pregnant Again

What is with all these models wanting to get fat? Alessandra Ambrosio is already working on her second kid and now so is Adriana Lima. It’s like an arms race with these Victoria’s Secret models. Why are they stockpiling babies? What nefarious plans do they have?

Lima already mom to 2-year-old daughter, Valentina, tells PEOPLE that “the entire family is very excited, especially Valentina. She keeps blowing kisses to my belly and saying, ‘Kisses for the baby.’”

I believe she’s trying to blow it the kiss of death. The sibling rivalry between these two is going to be very strong.

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12 years ago

this is stupid, you’re pregnant. Not fat. And maybe they want to actually have lives? This is the stupidest thing i have heard all day “fat” pshh