Adrienne Bailon Flashed Her Crotch

Adrienne Bailon, formerly of the Cheetahs, hit the red carpet at Caesars Entertainment’s “Escape to Total Rewards” event in NYC on Thursday. She went from “that D-lister” to “how do you spell her name again? I need it for this Google search” when she accidentally flashed her vag after her ruffled cream dress with sheer bottom shifted position. At least she shaved. Always be prepared. That’s what her mother and publicist tell her.

Adrienne said of the incident, “If I could come out naked, I would. This is just some fancy stuff to throw over my little naked body.”

The only thing left to say about this is: Challenge. Accepted. Also, a million internet points for you, Adrienne Bailon.

NSFW photos below. Don’t blame me if you get fired. HQ here.

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