Christina Hendricks’ Boob Photos Were Also Hacked

Magnificent big-tittied redhead Christina Hendricks was apparently also a victim of a leak. Though once again reps say the lone topless picture (NSFW) is not Christina but rather also an impostor. Much like the photo of a topless Olivia Munn.

Christina’s rep needs a way better excuse than, “Oh… yea… yea, um, whatever Olivia Munn said.”

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Angelina's Leg
Angelina's Leg
9 years ago

Man, Christina is pretty but would look WAY better if she lost weight.  Switch to organic whole foods (no processed or white)and only drink filtered water Chris.  Exercise 5X a week.  Bet she would look awesome. 

9 years ago
Reply to  Angelina's Leg

And that whats wrong with models today..Their lives get ruined by what you just said. I’m tired of seeing half dead looking skeleton models on the runway. It’s unhealthy.

real women ftw
real women ftw
9 years ago

She looks hot as hell now you idiot. If you want a stick screw one alot of us like our women with meat.

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