Demi Lovato Is Such a Rock Star

Demi Lovato was a guest on NYC’s Z1000 radio station on Thursday and revealed the most “rock and roll” thing she’s ever done.

“I break things. I’ve trashed dressing rooms just for the hell of it,” Lovato admitted, adding that she once threw lunch meat on the ceiling just “for fun.”

“I like to throw things when I’m bored,” she explained. “I was trying to catch the deli meat on the ceiling. . . it ended up turning into kind of a food fight!”

“I’ve done some pretty rock and roll things that I probably shouldn’t talk about,” she laughed. Us Magazine

She must have been so proud of herself when she said that. I practically put my hand over my mouth and gasped in shock. Did she later put a frog in her teacher’s drawer and when asked, “What are you rebelling against?,” did she say, “What’ve you got?” *Sighs*

Lovato also talked about how she’s doing since rehab saying it hasn’t been easy.

“I felt like a Kardashian. I wasn’t used to having cameras around all the time,” Lovato admitted. “It was out of comfort zone, but it was definitely an experience. It was for the better.”

“I cannot tell you that I have not thrown up since treatment,” Lovato said. “I can not tell you that I have not cut myself since treatment. I’m not perfect. This is a daily battle that I will face the rest of my life.”

Well, did she at least hook-up with Chris Brown to learn how to throw a proper punch? Because that would seem like a useful skill to have. Especially if one of her backup dancers gets uppity again.

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