Gerard Butler’s Dong Broke Up a Marriage

Before Gerard Butler did a three week stint in rehab that no one knew about until he got out, he was dating a wanna-be actress/model who was a newlywed at the time.

Last year, Butler had an affair with her for several months. He was even friends with her and her husband before sleeping with her. The woman thought it was more than what it was and eventually filed for divorce because she thought Gerard wanted a relationship. Gerard probably said, “Huzzahwha?,” and told her he’s banging other girls so obviously a relationship wouldn’t work. Unless by “relationship” she means one of the girls he has sex with on the side.

“It was a very intense relationship. She had very strong feelings for Gerard, despite the fact that she was a newlywed at the time,” a source close to the situation tells “They would exchange heated text messages, emails and phone calls. She would drop anything to be with Gerard. The two would hook-up at his hotel when he was in Los Angeles.”

“She told her husband she would end things with Gerard and he agreed to give her another chance,” the insider says. “However, the affair continued and she decided to file for divorce. She thought Gerard wanted to be in a relationship with her but then she found out he was involved with other girls, and hadn’t been exactly honest with her about what was going on in his life.”

According to our sources, “[The woman] began calling Gerard incessantly and he changed his cell phone number. She hasn’t been in touch with him since he decided to go to rehab. Gerard has obviously moved on but she is now going through a divorce and trying to support her son (from a previous relationship).” Radar Online

I wonder what made her think he wanted a relationship. Was it the fact that every other day there were stories about him sticking his penis in a different girl or was it the fact he was sleeping with a married woman which made her automatically unavailable?

In related news, this woman is a serial star f*cker. She just hops on the next best thing to come along. Literally. Radar says Gerard isn’t the first celebrity she’s cheated with. When she was married the first time, she had an affair with Dave Navarro which led to him divorcing Carmen Electra.

So if you plan on marrying this woman, don’t. Or at the very least move far away from Hollywood where the only celebrity is the taxidermist who runs commercials at 3 am in the morning. Although, knowing her, she’d sleep with him too thinking it was internet superstar Chuck Testa.

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