HBO’s ‘Luck’ Finally Canceled

It only took the deaths of 3 race horses, but HBO’s Luck, which was supposed to popularize horse racing again, has been canceled. According to PETA, HBO was using retired and drugged horses for the racing scenes and running them twice a day. Thoroughbreds in their prime don’t even race more than once every few weeks.

Director Michael Mann blamed TMZ and other media outlets claiming they unfairly spun the coverage of a third dead horse. Mann was probably desperate to find an excuse because that third horse was euthanized on set so there was really no reason to spin it.

In lighter news, the cast and crew are all invited for hot dogs at the goodbye party.

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Karma Will See You
Karma Will See You
10 years ago

Excellent News!  If only the warped loser animal abuser “people-monsters’ who push, attend, or most disgustingly “own” a beautiful, emotional, innocent horse that they abuse to race, would just die or break an ankle then be left to suffer, sent off to slaughter on a long cramped up trailer to canada or mexico, that is what ALL those ‘people’ involved in horse racing should experience let THEM go through that NOT innocent animals.  Makes me SICK what people will do for money.  Karma will see you soon!  Promise!  

10 years ago

That show sucked like A $10 hoe

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