Hulk Hogan Has an Unauthorized Sex Tape

A sex tape featuring Hulk Hogan is reportedly being shopped to every major porn studio in the San Fernando Valley. At least that’s where I assume all the major porn studios are. TMZ has seen a snippet of the grainy video and says Hulk can be seen getting naked with an unidentified brunette who is neither his ex-wife Linda or his current wife Brooke Hogan Jennifer McDaniel.

Hulk has responded saying the tape was secretly filmed without his permission. Hulk’s lawyer says, “Terry Bollea is appalled at the unauthorized release of a secretly filmed video. [Hulk] neither approved of the filming nor the release of the same. It is clearly an outrageous invasion of privacy and breach of trust if it is genuine. We will take all necessary steps to enforce both civil and criminal liability.”

Until this gets sorted out, you can satiate your desire to see how this tape plays out with TMZ’s quick recap.

In the clip, Hulk pulls his shirt off and brags to his companion, “I started to work out again.” Hulk then runs his hands through his blonde hair like he always does.

The best part … Hulk’s thong-shaped tan line.

What’s the over/under on whether or not Hulk Hogan screams, “Watcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you?!,” right before he finishes all over her?

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12 years ago

3 dead inches

The Blemish
12 years ago

What an amazing username. You win!