Jennifer Aniston Will Have a Baby on Her Own Time

The ticking of Jennifer Aniston’s biological clock must have been as loud as Edgar Allen Poe’s tell-tale heart or as loud as that alarm clock the crocodile swallowed in Peter Pan. Whichever you prefer. Anyway, Jennifer has been pressing snooze on her clock for so long that it’s given up ringing completely. Now she says she doesn’t need no stinkin’ baby to make her happy.

During an interview on CBS This Morning Sunday, the Wanderlust actress complained that it’s “very narrow-minded” for people to assume she’s unhappy without a baby to nurture. “That doesn’t measure the level of my happiness or my success in my life, in my achievements, in any of that.”

The actress, who’s currently dating Justin Theroux, 40, added that she doesn’t give “a crap what other people think” and she’s happier “than I’ve ever been.”

At 43 years old, “I feel great,” Aniston told host Gayle King. “I feel like I’m 30. I honestly didn’t start to feel my best until was in my 30s. Physically, I started eating better and taking better care of my body, in terms of being physical and exercise.” Us Magazine

And then she went to the dressing room to cry and punch her Brad Pitt voodoo doll as she watched another one of her eggs wilt into nothingness.

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10 years ago

This is what old people say

10 years ago

oh please, i have 32 but i never thought about having a kid. she’s right. i don’t know if she’s needy or not, she seems better now (until the guy she’s with dumps her, he was married and dumped his wife because of her right?). i think she would like to have a kid, but if she keeps dating these idiots without any breaks i don’t know. she says she has dogs. at least she looks hot (needy /hot needy hot.

10 years ago

Anustain is NEVER having a baby. She does not want to be a mother. Her dogs are enough for her.

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