Jeremy Sisto Names His Son ‘Bastian Kick’

Two and a half years ago, Jeremy Sisto and Addie Lane welcomed a daughter into this world. A daughter they named Charlie-Ballerina. Why was I not informed of this! C’mon, you guys. At least I’m here for the naming of his second kid.

On March 14, Jeremy and Addie gave birth to a health baby boy. He tweeted, “Don’t tell my wife I had two glasses of wine while she had an epidural.” But what did he name him?! That’s what everyone wanted to know.

Well, Jeremy came through and today he tweeted the name of his little boy. Bastian Kick Sisto. This is amazing!

How did they come up with this name? Probably the same way they came up with Charlie-Ballerina. “My wife went through the dictionary, page by page, looking for words that weren’t normally names.” While smoking some fantastic weed, right?

The good news is they’ll be able to explain that his name is Kick because they went through the dictionary page by page instead of telling him his name is Kick because that’s what Jeremy wanted to do to Addie while she was pregnant with him.

Sidenote: Not to state the obvious or anything but I think Jeremy and Addie missed out on an even better name. Johnny Karate.

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