Jon Gosselin Lives With His Mother Now

According to The National Enquirer (via Celebitchy), Jon Gosselin lost his job as a solar panel installer and now lives with his mom in a 2 bedroom apartment which she pays for. His BMW has been repossessed and he has to drive her beat up old minivan. Despite this, 9/10 people say it’s still better than living with Kate Gosselin.

The former star of “Jon and Kate Plus 8? has finally hit rock bottom and was so down and out that his 65-year-old mother Pamela Castello moved halfway across the state of Pennsylvania to share a townhome with him, say sources.

Pamela pays the rent and shares her beat-up vehicle with the father of eight.

“Jon is going broke – has has no job and I think he has used and abused all the people close to him that helped him financially, like his brother Mark,” revealed an insider.

“He’d wanted his mom to move to the Reading, PA area for a while, and since she is almost the only person left that will still help him financially, he talked her into getting a townhouse – and she pays rent…

“When Jon and Ellen [his last girlfriend] lived together, Ellen split the rent with Jon’s mother – it’s quite sad, actually,” said the insider.

On the bright side, Jon Gosselin can throw out that alarm clock because all he has to do is wait for his mother to come into his room and rip the covers off him while screeching, “Wake up! Wake up!” like some sort of deranged parrot.

  • Judy

    Jon’s picture should be placed next to the word loser in the dictionary.

    • Think it’s going through the approval process right now.

  • Bwadd

    You guys will write anything to get a hit on your website.  Jon has a job and owns a home get your facts straight.  Lousy reporting

    • SNS

      Bwadd, do you have actual proof of that?

  • PornoorSolocomingsoon

    It all has nothing to do with his degrading Alpha wife…

  • mrorganizer

    At least this stupid motherfucker isn’t stuck with those fucking kids!…She hates them too, so she is the fucked one…of course they should both be sterilized and then shot (after their organs and stem cells are harvested for the kids)

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