Jonathan Cheban Has Something to Say About Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm is completely unrepentant about describing Kim Kardashian’s only commodity as being a f**king idiot. And why should he be? He’s right. But Kim’s friend Jonathan Cheban doesn’t think so. He did three finger snaps in a z-formation and got all bitchy.

“I think Jon Hamm needs to just shut up and stop being such a mad man!” the Spin Crowd star sniped at Ocean Drive magazine’s bash for cover star Nicole Richie at Vesper in Miami Beach, Florida. “He needs to mind his own business, because Kim works hard. They do different things –it’s a whole different world.”

“Put Jon Hamm in a mall, and more people will go up to the people working at the Burger King than they will to him,” he told Us. “Bring Kim to a mall and there will be a riot. They’re in two different businesses. Kim’s pop culture and what people like.” Us

That’s not entirely true. Sure, a lot of people don’t watch Mad Men and may go up to Burger King instead, but those who did go up to Jon Hamm, they’d just stand there in amazement and coo, “so handsome.” Meanwhile, the riot Kim would start at the same mall would be from everybody scrambling for the door because her stupidity would literally blow their mind.

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