Justin Bieber Turned 18, Got a $100,000 Car

Justin Bieber turned 18 today so now Selena Gomez doesn’t need to feel so pervy. More important than Selena Gomez’s feelings, however, is what Justin Bieber got for his birthday.

Making a surprise appearance while Bieber was talking to Ellen, manager Scooter Braun presented him with a Fisker Karma. A $100,000 luxury hybrid that will help his image when he’s out on the road.

“You work really, really hard,” Braun told the Canadian superstar. “And I always yell at you, ‘Don’t get anything flashy!’ We’re not about that. Be humble, be humble. And I kind of broke my own rule.

“We wanted to make sure, since you love cars, that when you’re on the road you are always looking environmentally friendly. And we decided to get you a car that would make you stand out,” Braun continued. “I think you know where I’m going, and you’re kind of freaking out right now. That’s a Fisker Karma.”

“You never get anything for yourself so Usher and I wanted to do this for you,” Braun told the mop-topped singer.

“That’s mine? That’s crazy! This is amazing!” Bieber exclaimed as he checked out his new set of wheels, which happens to be one of the most sought-after vehicles in the world with an estimated $100,000 price tag. NYDN

*Looks at stale birthday cake in fridge* FUUUUUU! Anyway, what did Ellen get him? Was it something gay? I bet it was something gay.

As for DeGeneres’ birthday gift? The talk-show host presented Bieber with a windshield sunshade printed with the image of both of their faces atop a pink heart, as well as a bobblehead bearing her likeness for his dashboard.

Hahaha, oh Ellen, what a jokester. Hopefully there’s room for this in Bieber’s “trash burning pile for retarded gifts people give me.” *Takes big whiff of fumes* Mmm, smells like stupidity. But it’s not all flashy cars and gag gifts for Bieber’s b-day. It’s also about helping those less fortunate.

Similar to what he did last year, Bieber plans to give back to others on his birthday by helping raise money for Charity: Water, a nonprofit organization that provides clean drinking water to people in developing nations.

“I want to use my bday to help others. if u want please donate $18 to @charitywater on my 18th bday!” he wrote on Twitter.

Wow. So Bieber’s idea of giving back is to tell his Twitter followers to give $18 to Charity: Water. That’s quite the charitable gesture. It’s sort of like when I ask my friends for $5 so I can give it to a homeless guy. I’m such a good Samaritan.

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Norina Shah
Norina Shah
12 years ago

happy birthday jb i hope this year god give u alots of happiness

Norina Shah
Norina Shah
12 years ago

happy birthday justin bieber

LeAnn LaVoy
12 years ago

did u die your if u did it looks awesome :) so happy latest B-DAY JB