Katy Perry Hooking Up With Male Models Now

Both The Sun and The Daily Mail are reporting Katy Perry is getting over her breakup with Russell Brand pretty quickly by hooking up with the highest paid male model in the world/Karl Lagerfeld muse Baptiste Giabiconi. Aw, dammit. How am I going to compete with a name like that?

The two met during Paris Fashion Week at the Chanel runway show. God, that place is a total meat market.

‘He was sitting next to her at the show. Then we all had dinner the other night, they were holding hands and looking cozy, and now they are inseparable.’

Another source said she looked smitten. Much like I do when I stand outside of her window staring in.

“They were with a group of people, but they looked very much like a couple in love.

“He was never more than a foot away from her and they were very flirty.

“There was a lot of whispering, shared jokes and they were really flirting.

“They made a very good-looking couple.”

If you don’t know who Baptiste Giabiconi is, he’s Karl Lagerfeld’s boytoy. Lagerfeld shot him in the nude, again, back in January for Interview Magazine. Photos of that below. Also, he enjoys wearing Daisy Dukes and bending over with his pants off.

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12 years ago

After getting HIV and Hep C from your (ex)husband, your pool of available sex partners naturally gravitates towards the male modeling world. Big dicks and a really low white blood cell count.

Mistress X
Mistress X
12 years ago

Haha Katy likes the Bi-Sexual guys.  Katy you religious hypocrite, I hope you know how to use a strap-on well.