Katy Perry Will Have a 3D Movie

File this under obvious ideas that haven’t been done until now. With the resurgence of 3D movies and the success of Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never, it was only a matter of time until a studio exec had an epiphany while watching Katy Perry jump up and down shooting fireworks from her breasts. You can practically hear him hyperventilating with excitement. It must have taken a good 30 seconds for a Katy Perry 3D concert movie to be greenlit.

Making it official, Katy Perry tweeted, “FINALLY, my MOVIE is coming out with Paramount this summer! It’s called “KATY PERRY: PART OF ME” Presented In 3D! KATYCATS-LETS TREND #KP3D” The Hollywood Reporter has more details and says it will be made by Magical Elves.

Magical Elves, the powerhouse producing duo of Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz behind some of the biggest reality and non-scripted TV, is in negotiations to direct Paramount’s Katy Perry movie.

The Perry movie will be a 3D concert-documentary movie hybrid that will aim to show Perry’s life on-stage and off-stage and give a fan’s perspective on the pop singer. THR

Hopefully this gives the people what they want. Gratuitous jiggling and a breast-centric story line. Not like that Avatar where those blue things had sex by sticking their tails into each other or whatever. Can you believe James Cameron had all that technology and he used it for that instead of this?

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12 years ago

Is there any doubt that Hollywood is out of ideas?

soap is good
soap is good
12 years ago

“Smell my finger!”  It no longer has Russell’s “ass stink” on it…YAY !!!

12 years ago

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