Kendra Wilkinson Is Very Honest

While hosting MGM Grand’s Wet Republic pool party on Friday, Kendra Wilkinson admitted that she has no discernible talent and nothing to offer the world. She’s so self-aware!

“I never ever see myself as a celebrity or famous so I poke fun at that,” the reality star told PEOPLE while hosting MGM Grand’s Wet Republic pool party on Friday. “I just say what I do. I have no talent. I have nothing to offer.”

“I live my life on TV – it’s like a home video,” Wilkinson, 26, says of the show, which documents her life with husband Hank Baskett and their son Hank IV. “I’m very aware of what I do and I’m very aware of how quickly my career could end. Every season I cross my fingers and hope the show gets picked up but it’s out of my hands and in my fans’ hands.” PEOPLE

Aw, don’t be so hard on yourself, Kendra. You’re pretty good on a stripper pole, your sex tape was above average and you have a nice rack. If this was school, you’d be a C student and as far as the public school system is concerned, you’ve surpassed all expectations. You’re now ready for community college and a job at a mid-to-high end restaurant like the Olive Garden also known in the celebrity world as a reality tv show on E!

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