Kim Kardashian Kept All the Money

$7 million. That’s how much it’s going to take to get Kris Humphries to just walk away from his marriage with Kim Kardashian and avoid a messy public trial.

Unfortunately for Kris, he and his lawyers were told to GTFO because there’s no way their community property totaled $7 million after 72 days of marriage. Then there’s that iron-clad prenup he signed and the fact that Kris made money from the marriage. Around $1 million from the wedding and $250,000 to $300,000 from the reality show.

However, sources fire back that while he made a killing of his wedding, he hasn’t seen a penny. The two opened a join account where they deposited all the money they made (selling wedding photos and appearing on Kim’s reality show) but Kris never made any attempt to withdraw it.

Other sources say Kris doesn’t care about the money, all he wants is the annulment. And probably to watch Kim Kardashian squirm. The only thing the Kardashians understand is money. They’re like some sort of fame whoring gollums.

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10 years ago

They should all be shipwrecked cept’ Rob

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