Lindsay Lohan to Guest Star on ‘Glee’

Lindsay Lohan has landed the perfect gig for her next stop on comeback train and all she has to do is act like herself. Knowing her, however, she’ll be able to screw that up pretty quick.

An insider at the Fox hit confirms that, if the deal is sealed, the movie star-turned-tabloid queen — once famously the butt of a joke on the show — will serve as a celebrity judge at Nationals. Although there’s no word yet as to who might be joining Lohan on the panel, past judges for the annual season-ending competition have included Josh Groban and Olivia Newton-John. TV Line

10 to 1 odds that after three days of shooting a 5 minute take, they’re going to whittle down Lindsay’s page of lines to just a “Yes” and nodding of her head.

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Not saying
Not saying
10 years ago

Omg I’m so proud of her I love her so much!I didn’t no how and I didn’t no when but I always new she would come back!I’m only 12 years old!but she taught me ALOT!!I’ve looked up to her ever science I was 6 years old!:Lindsay is the best and It kills me when people are like.Ya whatever their never change well there still alive HELLO this means GOD is giving.Them another chance at life and I really think that Lindsay can come back if she really tries.I Just hope and pray that she really turns her life around and… Read more »

10 years ago
Reply to  Not saying

Lol pops didn’t mean to put not saying my name is Shelbi Walley I’m in a YouTube video under me and Justin epically falling I’m in the middle video wearing a purple shirt

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