Lindsay Lohan’s SNL Appearance Was Underwhelming

If you’re interested, NBC has the full episode (link or below) of last Saturday’s SNL featuring Lindsay Lohan. Just in case you needed a reminder why no one hires Lindsay to do films anymore.

The evening started off pretty dull with obvious jokes about her drug and alcohol problems. The only shining moment in her monologue was the possibility of Jon Hamm stepping in to replace her. Hopes were dashed when people realized it was just a joke.

Other than that, Lindsay was in sketches just to be there and was mostly carried by the cast. In some of them, she just looked like she zoned out and when they actually did let her speak, it was uninspired. A cardboard cutout could have done her job. This wasn’t so much a comeback as it was a way to tell people why she’s on Lifetime now.

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Needs Vacation
10 years ago

Lindsay was horrible on SNL and should never attempt to act again. I think it’s time to hang her actors hat which I thought was hung 10 years ago when she finished her last movie.

Time to go away Lindsay.

Kyle-Carpet Cleaning Fargo ND

Yeah I cannot believe she still gets jobs. 

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