Marilyn Manson and Lana Del Rey May Be Dating

Marilyn Manson loves dating impressionable young women which is why he was with Evan Rachel Wood and which is why he may now be dating Lana Del Rey.

The two were seen at a restaurant in Berlin before the Echo Awards on Thursday and were seen leaving in a mini-van after midnight. Del Rey, who was staying at the Concorde Hotel, was spotted going with Manson to his hotel at the Grand Hyatt where they were spotted sneaking into the elevator together.

If anyone is going to date Marilyn Manson, it might as well be someone who understands a gimmick. It’s actually pretty perfect. He’s a 90’s goth shock rocker, she’s a 50’s housewife who coos into the microphone. Their conversations must be amazing.

Manson: So, you’re into music, huh?
Lana: No, not really.
Manson: Oh, hmmm.

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12 years ago

A match made in Hollyweird

12 years ago

I not only see, but understand it and LOVE it. Lana may have an innocent look but she definitely has a dark edgy, rebellious side – thus, Manson!