Megan Fox Could be Pregnant

According to the infallible Star, Megan Fox just found out she was pregnant and is thuper excited you guys. She’s already stepmom to Brian Austin Green’s 10-year-old and we’re told she’ll be great with the baby. “Megan used to be only concerned with her career, but now family comes first.” Granted, there’s nothing much else to do when your career doesn’t take off as planned.

“They just found out and are incredibly excited,” a source close to the couple told Star, noting that the pregnancy was unexpected.

However, it’s unlikely the Transformers actress will be going public with the news just yet, as the source says: “It’s still early, so they are only telling close friends and family members.” Radar Online

Oh she’s pregnant but don’t ask her, she won’t tell you. That’s a good way to milk this. If in the next 3 months she starts showing or gets pregnant for real, Star will all be like, “See? We f**king told you!” Then they’ll go up top for a high five and miss completely.

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Megans Uterus
Megans Uterus
12 years ago

Well, if she is prego then that will be one beautiful baby & well loved I am sure!  Plus Megan loves animals and to me, that ALWAYS tells a LOT about a person’s character.  She will be an awesome mom and Brian will  be a great father I bet.  If she is knocked up that is. Oh and I know she won’t turn into a slop house like most pregnant women; because you DON’T have to, and eating for 2 is a fallacy you only need an extra 100-200 calories daily.