Model Lauren Scruggs Scores $1M+ Settlement, Possible Book Deal

On Dec. 3, part-time model/fashion editor Lauren Scruggs unknowingly walked into a plane propeller that chopped off her left hand and eventually led to the loss of her left eye. How did I miss this? The pilot, who left the propeller running while Lauren left the plane, claimed he tried to warn her and told her to walk behind the plane. Apparently he didn’t shout loud enough because she ended up walking into the propeller.

The insurance company, Aggressive Insurance Services, originally offered Lauren $200,000, the minimum payout. A low-ball figure considering she’s down one eye and one arm. Naturally, she and her people rejected the offer. Her legal team cited medical bills, lost wages, future lost income and pain and suffering in negotiating a higher payout. There was also a debate on the definition of passenger as the insurance company still considers people a passenger even after exiting the plane.

Anyway, today, Lauren and the insurance company finally reached a settlement of more than $1 million. The maximum amount payable from the two Aggressive insurance companies used by the aviation company total $2 million.

If I was her, I don’t think any amount of money would make me happy. In fact, I would have been so insulted with that initial offer that I’d just look at them incredulously with my one good and one fake eye and go “Dude, seriously?” while doing the “WTF?” hand gesture forcing them to look at my stub.

In related news, Scruggs is considering writing an “inspirational” book and will hold off giving a TV interview until after the details have been ironed out. Not surprisingly, she’ll be using a ghost writer.

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So apparently carelessness and stupidity can make you rich…

John Smith


Well, YOU got plenty of both, even extra stupidity, way beyond average stupid, and what has it gotten you?

Try the propellor, except not the edge. Walk right into the center of it, so it shreds you like a cow at the meat grinder!

Then, come back with your missing face and show us how rich you are!


Sorry John, but you’ve got to be pretty fucking stupid to run into a propellor. Why? Because it’s a GIANT FUCKING PROPELLOR. If you’re so stupid you walk in to a giant revolving propellor, you just shouldn’t procreate and not to say she deserves what she got, but she has no one to blame but herself. It’s basic safety 101. I don’t think she should have been allowed to sue. She was incredibly careless. So now we have to wrap the entire world in bubble wrap in the event someone is too stupid to know that sharp things can hurt… Read more »

John Smith

Fine, let’s see how smart YOU are here! It’s night and dark outside. The engine is spinning at idle. You walk around and come back to thank and wave goodbye to the pilot, probably because he is your friend. You are in front of the wing, which is the death zone. You can’t really see the propellor at all. You can hear the engine running, and feel some air from the propellor. But, where is the edge? How close can you get? Plus, this is a young woman, who’s life is fashion and writing, NOT an aeronautical engineer who has… Read more »

John Smith

If this was a hateful, nasty-ass cunt, then yeah, I’d agree with you.

But, everything about this woman describes her as a loving, caring person, who thinks good of others.

It’s a shame that people can’t offer HER that same caring and consideration when she needs it most.

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