Nick Lachey Got Vanessa Minnilo Pregnant

Nick Lachey announced on Live! With Kelly that he and his wife Vanessa Minnilo are pregnant. The due date is in late summer or early fall so expect their faces on Us or PEOPLE by October or November.

After Vanessa appeared on the show in early January, “she started to feel a little different, not herself,” Nick, 38, explained. “So she went to the store, got a pregnancy test, and it came back positive. So we are having a baby!”

The giddy dad-to-be added: “I’ve had a chance to do a lot of great things in my career and my life but this is the one thing that, more than any other, I look forward to. The fact that it’s actually here, it’s overwhelming.” PEOPLE

The only thing that could make Jessica Simpson angrier is if Vanessa popped right after her and stole all her baby thunder. God help her if Vanessa suggest to “go half-sies on the PEOPLE cover.”

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