Olivia Wilde Was Too Sexualized to Play Linda Lovelace

In the new issue of British GQ, Olivia Wilde says she was sexually mature at a young age which is part of the reason she “pulled out” (puns!) of the Linda Lovelace biopic. She thought someone more innocent deserved to play Lovelace. The part eventually went to the doe-eyed Amanda Seyfried.

“I was very sexually mature at a very young age,” Wilde says. “I was very comfortable with it and talking about it, and once someone hears a young woman speak candidly about sexuality, it’s like, ‘Whoa!’ You get labelled.”

Wilde even “pulled out” of the Linda Lovelace biopic because she wanted to be viewed in a different light. “I decided that it should go to someone who is not already sexualized by the public — Linda Lovelace was an innocent. Amanda [Seyfried] will do an amazing job.” Us Magazine

Wait, so a girl who stuffed penises down her throat for a living was considered an innocent? Maybe in the very beginning, but when a guy starts tickling your tonsils and stretching your esophagus with his junk, you lose that innocence pretty quick. I’d dare say it could have even been lost right when she signed up for the scene.

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