Ray J Stockpiled Whitney Houston Sex Tapes

While Victoria’s Secret models are stockpiling babies, Whitney Houston’s boytoy, Ray J, has been stockpiling the sex tapes they made. An insider says Houston’s family has told Ray J they don’t want any photos or videos painting her in a bad light to come out and preyed on his sensibilities explaining “now is the time to honor Whitney, not drag her legacy down.” Wait, what? Didn’t her legacy change from a “great, promising talent” to “girl who likes to get high” a few years back?

Anyway, Brandy’s little brother hasn’t released anything yet. Not out of respect or anything, but because “he knows he’s sitting on a gold mine.”

Aw, what a caring, compassionate ex-boyfriend. All he wants to do is share his memories of Whitney with everyone at the perfect time where he can make as much money off them as possible much like he did with Kim Kardashian. Is that so wrong?

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