Selena Gomez Was Also Drunk With Justin Bieber

Speaking of Selena Gomez, she and Justin Bieber got the glow at a sports bar in St. Petersburg, Florida on Sunday. And not the pregnancy glow either unless they were trying to kill the fetus with alcohol.

The night wasn’t without drama, however. Fame reports that shortly after arriving at the bar, Justin stormed out while Selena chased him to his car. His security drove them down the street where they had a private conversation. Probably to giggle and talk about boys.

They headed back to the restaurant and got drunk even though they’re only 18 and 19. Turns out when you’re a celebrity, drinking ages are just a suggestion. In fact, you can openly flaunt your contempt of the law with no consequence.

  • Mare

    If Mayweather is so upset by this, he deserves to lose.

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