Sherri Shepherd Did Not Cheat on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

News to me but Sherri Shepherd is on the new season of Dancing With the Stars and there’s already a controversy brewing. Sources claim Sherri began rehearsing with Maksim Chmerkovskiy before anyone else knew they were on the show. She was seen with him at dance studios in workout gear and dance shoes back in December.

ABC has strict guidelines (really? come on, really?) that contestants can’t rehearse until they learn they’re on the show. This season’s cast wasn’t revealed until Feb. 28.

On The View this morning, Sherri took the time to deny the allegations saying she’s not partnered with Maksim.

“We have never, I say never, we’ve never danced together,” Shepherd said, adding that she was nervous.

“I’ve never danced with Maks, I’ve never danced with Val,” she said.

Shepherd admitted that she had taken dance classes at Maksim’s studio, but said they began “long before I stated negotiations with ‘Dancing With the Stars.’” Fox News

To be fair, does it really matter? She needs all the help she can get. It’s like when you play basketball with a kid in a wheelchair. You’ll look like a dick calling him out for double dribbling. Plus, there’s no way Sherri can two-step past a craft services table without taking a snack break. Not without extensive training.

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