Snooki Also Pregnant on a Cover

Going head to head with a naked pregnant Jessica Simpson is Snooki, one of Jersey’s finest most retarded. Thankfully, Snooki’s Us Weekly cover doesn’t show her naked because it’d be pretty hard for me to jump out a window since there isn’t one here.

In the new issue, Snooki admits to Us that she did lie about her pregnancy and that she drank heavily during NYE, the day before she found out she was pregnant. Not to worry though. It’s scientifically impossible for the baby to be more retarded than her.

She also claims to want DJ Paul D to play house music while she’s delivering. So, yea, it’s pretty much guaranteed that kid is coming out screaming, “Shots! Shots! Shots, shots, shots!,” and peeing on the floor.

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10 years ago

Gotta say — before I ever watch JS I was NOT impressed with that group.  But, now that I have watched them — awww…..Snookie is a cutie.  Come one guys! She’s a DOLL!!!!

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