Taylor Kitsch Is Terrible at Marketing, Good at Offending Nations

Good on Lainey for finding this one because it proves that celebrities don’t even use their brain any more. They just go through whatever talking points their publicist give them.

Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights) went on Letterman to promote his new movie John Carter. Letterman asked about what it was like to shoot in the Philippines. Not good, apparently. Taylor says he was harassed by custom officers who denied him entry because he ran out of pages to stamp. Taylor says he even tried bribe him with an iPhone. Kitsch eventually showed them a trailer for John Carter on his iPhone which ended up being the only reason they let him in. By the way, 20 iPhone 4s and 5 iPad 3’s will be waiting on his doorstep when he gets back.

The only problem with this story is Kitsch was never in the Philippines. The Philippine Customs Commissioner conducted an investigation and was rightfully pissed when he found out the truth. He issued a lengthy response proving Taylor Kitsch was never even in the Philippines. He was most likely in Indonesia where he was shooting Savages. The Philippine Customs Commissioner then pounded his chest with a limp wrist and went, “Dur dur dur, Me Taylor Kitsch. Me fail geography.” Actually, no, he had a lengthy response basically saying Taylor was wrong and an apology would be nice. Sure, it was Letterman who started talking about the Philippines but you’d expect Kitsch to have corrected him. Maybe he figured the two places were interchangeable.

If that’s the case, he may want to stop while he’s ahead because I’m going to guess his apology will go something like, “Sorry for confusing the Philippines with Indonesia, but can you blame me? They all look the same.”

By the way, Disney released 10 minutes of John Carter.

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